The key to the famed Kylie Jenner lip is soon here. In an incredibly smart move, Kylie Jenner recently teased the Internet with an Instagram account all about her upcoming lipstick line, Lip Kit By Kylie. Lip Kit By Kylie boasts three shades of matte liquid lipstick along with corresponding lip liners comprising three individual lip kits named Dolce, Candy. and True Brown. Some photos: (more...)
To celebrate Smashbox's 25th anniversary, the brand is releasing a limited edition For 25 Years Our Lips Have Been Sealed Palette. As you can guess, it's a lip-focused palette featuring a whopping 25 Smashbox favorite lipsticks. More info from the press release: (more...)
Aside from the deals, Make Up For Ever is giving us more to get excited about this coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make Up For Ever will kick off Black Friday with the release of the limited edition Waterproof Hero Kit and Cyber Monday with the Artist Shadow Collector's Palette. More details and photos from the press release: (more...)

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