Mobile Beta Test #1
Welcome to the first of hopefully not too many beta tests for the Flauntme mobile app (code-named Quoka). Your input will be invaluable in helping shaping the usefulness and quality of our app. This beta test will cover the many core features and should take approximately two hours. Let's get started. (more...)
Everyone at Flauntme has been thrilled with your feedback from Round Two of Beta Testing. Thank you all so very much for your detailed and thoughtful responses! Many of your suggestions have been incorporated or is slated to be added in a future update. Now, for Beta Testing Round Three or alternatively called, the future of beauty shopping! (more...)
The feedback from the first round of beta testing has been invaluable. THANK YOU! It's really cool to hear all the enthusiasm. It seems that we're on to something with Flauntme. Now, I would like to introduce our most complex and innovative feature, Product Finder. Yes the name is a bit pedestrian (we'll most likely change it later) but what it does is far from boring. We've spent a great deal of time gathering a lot of data about beauty products and then indexing that data in a multitude of ways to create the ultimate beauty search engine. There's so many ways to look for a beauty product such as the basic ways -- name, brand, category, price, review score -- and the more cool/useful ways: concerns, recommendations, colors, awards won, and many more. Product Finder allows you to search by those means...all at once. (more...)
Beta Giveaways
As a special thank you for taking time to help us during the Flauntme beta testing, we are giving away gift cards to Sephora, Ulta, and Amazon. Read on for the giveaway details: (more...)
Welcome to the Flauntme Beta!
Congratulations on being one of the first people to visit Flauntme! Your beta access gives you a sneak peek into what we hope will be an indispensable resource for you when shopping for beauty products. After months of hard work, we’re very excited to share our labor of love with you. We welcome your feedback, suggestions or comments to help us make Flauntme an even better experience for you. (more...)