Everyday that teleportation doesn't exist is a day in which many people will struggle to look fabulous while travelling. Airlines will continue to charge us extra for luggage that could've been used to contain all of our special beauty things. Also, who's to say that when teleportation does exist, it won't cost us? What if we're charged by each particle of matter that we're teleporting? Future problems aside, I'm someone who's been known to travel without checking in luggage. These are my tips for staying beautiful on the go: (more...)
Yatah, I'm officially on summer break! For the last few weeks of classes before finals week, I was lacking on sleep. Well, let's just make a long story short and say I procrastinated on papers and assignments. However, I did complete everything on time, whoot! (Not the smartest way to get through courses in college) And that practice of sleeping super late at night got me a present: tired, puffy eyes. Eek! On with the concealer in the morning before I would go out. But, there are eye creams to help out, no? Let's see what the It's Skin Collagen Eye Cream did for me. (more...)
How many of you are chocoholics? Well, chocolate has fallen under the category of foods that are bad for us... so says a new study from the Netherlands. It suggests that chocolate causes acne. (more...)
Today's Daily Nail Art is this sponged design by Manicurity. (more...)
You may have to make the most ridiculous faces while wearing it, but the Facewaver Exercise Mask is true to the saying: beauty is pain, or in this case, beauty makes you look like a fool. (more...)
The picture on the far left above is how Vanilla used to look before her obsession with becoming a living French doll was put into action. (more...)
Today's Daily Nail Art is this studded design by ChelseasGetNailed. (more...)
Today's Daily Nail Art is this harlequin design by TryMyHand. (more...)
Today's Daily Nail Art is this floral design by CoewlessPolish. (more...)
Today's Daily Nail Art is this layered design by Nailside. (more...)