If you loved Benefit Cosmetics' iconic bronzers and blushes individually, then you're going to fall in love with their limited edition palette, Cheek Parade. You get five products in one palette! Now that's what I call a steal. Read on for my full review: (more...)
I'm super late to the eyebrows on fleek trend and have never really even attempted to fill in my brows before, so when I noticed Benefit Cosmetics came out with their Goof Proof Brow Pencil Easy Shape & Fill, I figured it'd be the perfect brow pencil to start my eyebrow journey with. Read on to see whether or not it was really goof proof: (more...)
Toners are an important step in a skincare routine and I'm always on the search for something that will give my skin a little boost. Benefit Cosmetics' Moisture Prep Toning Lotion seemed like a promising product that would pack a little more moisture into my skin. After using it for a month, here is what I found: (more...)
My dark eye bags have existed for quite a while now, and if I could sleep more, I would. However, I'm still a college student so there's no time for that. I've been looking for an eye cream that would help brighten my eyes and fade dark circles, which is exactly what Benefit Cosmetics' It's Potent! Eye Cream is formulated to do. But how well does it do its job? Read on for my full review: (more...)
Benefit Cosmetics knows there are girls who shy away from heavier makeup and prefer more softer looks, which is why they created the Dandelion Shy Beam Matte Highlighter! Just as the name suggests, Shy Beam is meant to give a delicate glow to any area where light naturally hits your face. Anyone who embraces the au-naturel/no makeup-look may agree that a shimmer-less yet brightening highlighter sounds like the perfect cup of tea. If you are skeptical or want to know more, read on to find out if Shy Beam will suit your tastes! (more...)
British designer Matthew Williamson is combining bohemian prints and his eye for color to a Benefit Cosmetics makeup palette. Williamson described his inspiration for the palette is "nostalgic to the late '70s and early '80s, glamorous cocktail parties, and hedonistic discos." (more...)