Beyonce expands her Heat fragrance collection with the release of its fifth, the Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid. According to a press release: (more...)
While still basking in the glory that is the Beyonce 7/11 music video, I discovered a few beauty anecdotes about Beyonce's beauty game. I even took the time to screen cap the bathroom scenes to identify the beauty products used on Beyonce. (more...)
I am every bit a sucker for Beyonce's fragrances as I am her music. Naturally, I had to try her latest offering called Rise. There was never a more fitting name for a Beyonce fragrance. Does Rise 'rise' to expectations? Read on! (more...)
Watch out Beyoncé fans as the diva is hitting off the new year with a brand new fragrance titled, "Beyoncé Rise", which was inspired by the singer's on-stage persona. (more...)
Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is indeed Beyonce sporting a new pixie hair cut. It's mind-boggling how she could sacrifice the locks that helped define the term 'hairography' but at the same time...we can't help but marvel over how fabulous she looks. (more...)
Most of us have either grown up with bangs and tried growing them out, or never had them and cut them for a change. Recently, bangs made a comeback and just about every celebrity had them at a stage (whether they lasted for a week isn’t the topic at hand). Have a look at some celebs with and without their bangs. (more...)