Meet celebrity hairstylist Valery Joseph. He's the man behind the gorgeous hair of Lady Gaga, all of the Miss United States Pageant contestants and countless women calling New York's Upper East Side their home. The demand for him is so strong he's currently operating five award-winning salon locations and is the founder of his own hair care line, Long by Valery Joseph. Despite his busy schedule, we were lucky enough to be granted an interview. (more...)
‘Tis almost the season to be jolly! With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to really think of who’s been naughty and nice this year. Since we think you’ve all been nice, we thought we’d give you a hand in holiday shopping with our Flauntme Holiday Shopping Guide 2016. Whether you're shopping for mom, your bff or you're looking to treat yo' self, we've got it covered! (more...)
Ever wonder why your makeup isn't as long-wearing as you wish it was? Or maybe purchase a makeup haul only to come home unsure of application order? With so many new beauty products being constantly released, it can sure get overwhelming. And scary -- one misstep in your makeup routine order could easily transform you into a hot mess. For makeup that'll actually stay on and look fabulous, it's important to follow these steps: (more...)
Instagram Brows aside, Instagram has proven to be amazing at spotting emerging trends in between fashion weeks. From helix eyeliner to succulent-inspired hair, here are the current Instagram beauty trends to know now: (more...)
When it comes to beauty, knowing your skin type is just as important (if not more important) than knowing "your type" when it comes to dating. Ever end up using a beauty product you just didn't fall in love with? Chances are, you might've been using a beauty product that just didn't play well with your skin type. It's also possible to be completely wrong about what your true skin type is. To set yourself straight, read on! (more...)
Most of us have either grown up with bangs and tried growing them out, or never had them and cut them for a change. Recently, bangs made a comeback and just about every celebrity had them at a stage (whether they lasted for a week isn’t the topic at hand). Have a look at some celebs with and without their bangs. (more...)
To christen my new Netflix account, I went on a big documentary-watching binge. In that binge, I watched Food Matters, a documentary mostly about how we can't rely on the food we eat for nutrition. What can I say, I like a good food documentary scare. It scared me into taking One A Day Vitamins, twice a day. As a result, there's been some major changes to my hair, skin and nails! (more...)