Still riding the Korean skincare trend, I recently took notice of Erborian's latest release of facial lotions. The Erborian Yuza Double Lotion is formulated to boost radiance and skin vitality with the anti-oxidant packed yuzu fruit (yuza/yuja in Korean). Did it give me the glow-y skin I've been craving these days? Read on. (more...)
Yet again, the Summertime face du jour is that of minimal coverage. But what of those who enjoy full coverage without the rigors of a full-on Summer, sweat and humidity-proof makeup routine? Sorry to say, there's no shortcut to that but you can come pretty close with Erborian's CC Creme A La Centella Asiatica. How close? Read on, friends. (more...)
Humidity and heat waves don't exactly enhance your look nor do your look justice, but no worries! It's easy to beat the heat with these simple tips: (more...)