MAC has recently announced a MAC x Caitlyn Jenner partnership that will see the launch of a limited edition MAC Lipstick named Finally Free. Finally Free is a lipstick created by Caitlyn Jenner and is described as Caitlin's signature shade of rosy nude. It appears to be that of-the-moment shade that'll suit all skintones! According to the press release, the sales of Finally Free will benefit the M•A•C AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative: (more...)
For those who couldn't get enough of YSL's Volupte Tint In Oil, there will soon be the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick Lipstick. Same concept as the Tint In Oil but now it's lipstick! From the official press release: (more...)
Rimmel London is starting a revolution with The Only 1 Lipstick, which comes in 12 desirable shades! What is not to love about having color options? Plus, this all-in-one lipstick is "a unique multi-tasker, it excels in EVERYTHING you look for in a lippie". Read on to see what makes The Only 1 a one-of-a-kind lipstick! (more...)
If you happen to have a friend visiting New York who also happens to be every bit a beauty junkie as you are, the Bite Lip Lab in Soho should be a destination. Or if you have an immensely hard time of finding THE perfect lipstick color for yourself and you're in New York, Bite Lip Lab should be on your radar. Because custom-made lipstick. As in, a lipstick that was 100% created with YOU in mind. As a bonus, you also get to watch them make it. On one Summer day with my dear visiting friend Stefanie, we had Bite Lip Lab create our perfect lipstick. (more...)
When it comes to on-trend lipstick, there is no color too dark, too light or too 'different' for me. I will try it all! When I received lipsticks from MAC's A Novel Romance collection, I was ecstatic to find that each shade provided great contrast from each other. Those shades are Lingering Kiss, A Novel Romance and Good Kisser. Read on for my thoughts and photos! (more...)
When it comes to makeup, MAC sure is a boundary pusher. With the range of lipsticks released under the Divine Night color collection, you've got your safe red, pink, nude and also a taupe brown in the mix. Yes, taupe brown -- you read it right and the name of the shade in question is called, "Exclusive Event." (more...)
If you've seen my lips before, you'd know that I love me a red lipstick just as much as an orange lipstick anyday. I can't get enough! So much so that I don't mind it when red and orange come together for an orange-y red or a reddish-orange. Naturally, I was instantly drawn to NARS Lipstick in Short Circuit, a limited edition shade released under the Guy Bourdin Holiday 2013 Collection. (more...)
New to Peripera's My Color Lips lipstick collection for 2013 is a color called Holy Coral. It's a fine name if you worship in the House of Coral. However, according to the House's commandments, "Thou shall not worship other lipstick shades leading you to believe it's coral when it's not really coral but some other shade." What shade you ask? Read on, my friends. (more...)
Not that I'm considering a career as a flight attendant or anything, but I could never see myself working for Turkish Airlines. They recently banned their crew, namely female flight attendants from wearing red lipstick or any attention grabbing color. It doesn't stop at lips -- your nails can't call for attention either. As for why, Turkish Airlines states that it, "impairs the visual integrity" of their teams further implying that red or any other bold color will clash with the pastel hues of attendant uniforms. (more...)
Nicki Minaj recently released two bold lipsticks for MAC Viva Glam: a bright coral color and a lavendar color. With these two lipsticks in store, Nicki Minaj was really happy to here that it has become the number one selling Viva lipstick of all time. (more...)