How To Deal With Huge Pores
I have some bad news for you, my fellow huge-pore'd friend. Your huge pores will stay huge for life. Sure, you can try all the pore scrubs, masks and ice cube tricks in the world but there's just no fooling genetics. This isn't to say you should stop your pore practices since dirty pores lead to bad things. Your pores just won't ever shrink permanently. Luckily, we can rely on makeup to fake an almost poreless complexion. Here's how I conceal (and deal) with my huge pores. (more...)
Jillian Dempsey, a celebrity makeup artist whose clientele list includes Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Winslet has a few simple tricks to making peepers pop larger. (more...)
My hair has not been its natural color for a year now. In this year, I've learned and discovered things about life in color. For one, dying your hair makes it feel super dry and sometimes hard if you're not on top of your hair maintenance game. After a year, I feel like I've finally developed a hair routine that I can stick with that also happens to keep it soft! It's simple. (more...)
Today's Beauty Tip of the Day is a fix for that promising makeup brush that turned out to feel a lot less softer than you expected. (more...)
For those looking to boost their hair with hair products, today's Beauty Tip of the Day will give you an idea on timing as to when you should actually put it in. (more...)
Today's Beauty Tip of the Day will help those that desire clean and defined lashes to finish off their makeup look. (more...)
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While warmth may be the most desired thing in the morning, today's Beauty Tip of the Day says that cold is better...especially for your face. (more...)