Hairsprays are usually a hit or miss. Some claim they provide a strong hold, but end up barely holding anything. Some just make my hair smell nice. I recently had the chance to try the Long by Valery Joseph Extend Hairspray Mini and I can definitely call it a hit. Read on for my full review! (more...)
No one wants a bad hair day, but not everyone has time to wash their hair everyday or every other day. Sometimes, you just need a quick fix so you can leave the house looking decent. This is where dry shampoo comes in handy! I've recently tried out the Long by Valery Joseph Refresh Dry Shampoo and I have nothing but praise for it. Read below to find out why: (more...)
After interviewing celebrity hairstylist Valery Joseph, we were very curious to see what the Long by Valery Joseph hair care line was all about. To start, I spent the last three weeks using the Long by Valery Joseph Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner. (more...)
Meet celebrity hairstylist Valery Joseph. He's the man behind the gorgeous hair of Lady Gaga, all of the Miss United States Pageant contestants and countless women calling New York's Upper East Side their home. The demand for him is so strong he's currently operating five award-winning salon locations and is the founder of his own hair care line, Long by Valery Joseph. Despite his busy schedule, we were lucky enough to be granted an interview. (more...)