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Long by Valery Joseph Extend Hairspray Mini Review by Victoria Huynh on Mar 19, 2017

Hairsprays are usually a hit or miss. Some claim they provide a strong hold, but end up barely holding anything. Some just make my hair smell nice. I recently had the chance to try the Long by Valery Joseph Extend Hairspray Mini and I can definitely call it a hit. Read on for my full review!

Product information taken from the official Long by Valery Joseph web site:

"Long-lasting hairspray that leaves your hair looking weightless, sculpted, and shiny with a light hold. "


The Extend Hairspray Mini (56.7 g/ 2 oz.) comes in a small aerosol can. It's actually pretty cute! The top of the canister has a flat-headed dispenser, allowing for a comfy grip and evenly-distributed spray. The packaging overall seems good quality and straightforward.

The spray is transparent and feels pretty refreshing for my hair. It's lightweight and doesn't leave your hair sticky. Upon setting into your hair, it has a crispy feel, but that's typical of hairsprays in order for it to hold.

There is a very subtle musky, perfumed scent in addition to the typical ethanol hairspray scent, it doesn't smell too bad, and it doesn't linger too long either.

For a small canister of hairspray, this little guy sure does provide a strong hold. A few sprays is enough to keep your hair nicely styled for an entire day. Although your hair does feel a bit crispy, it's still rather flexible and natural looking; my styled hair still looks bouncy and my curls flowy with this hairspray. If you're looking for a strong hold hairspray, this might be the one for you!

Availability: Barneys, Amazon, $18

Disclaimer: The Long by Valery Joseph Extend Hairspray Mini were provided to me for review purposes only. The opinions of this review are 100% my own.

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