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MAC Launches Lipstick & Pencil Duos for Spring 2017 by Jinra Ilustrisimo on Jan 28, 2017

For anyone who struggles with figuring out the right MAC Lipstick/Lip Pencil combo, you're in luck! For Spring 2017, MAC has taken the guess work out for you with the upcoming launch of the MAC Lipstick & Pencil Duos. Best of all, you end up saving at least $5 when you spring for these pre-made combos. From the press release:

"A selection of pre-made lipstick and lip pencil duos.

Each duo features a full-size Lipstick and full-size Lip Pencil; both shades are permanent and can be purchased individually as well."

Shades Include:

Velvet Teddy/Boldly Bare - Deep-tone beige (Matte) / Dirty red-brown (Lip Pencil)
Twig/Half Red - Soft muted brownish-pink (Satin) / Soft burgundy (Lip Pencil)
Taupe/Hover - Muted reddish-taupe brown (Matte) / Rich caramel brown (Lip Pencil)
Whirl/Whirl - Dirty rose (Matte) / Dirty rose (Lip Pencil)
Mehr/Soar - Dirty blue-pink (Matte) / Mid-tone pinkish brown (Lip Pencil)
Stone/Stone - Muted greyish taupe brown (Matte) / Muted greyish taupe brown (Lip Pencil)
Honey Love/Subculture - Light beige toned with rose (Matte) / Underground pink (Lip Pencil)

Availability: Now online at Nordstroms and Macy's, $29 each

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