Brush #12

A dual-sided brow brush featuring high-quality synthetic bristles on one end and a spooley brush for grooming and blending on the other. This brush is the essential tool for precision application of brow products. The angled cut brush on one end is perfect to fill-in arches with brow powder or for applying liner. The spooley end distributes and blends products evenly for a natural look. (via

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Positive 94%
Neutral 5%
Negative 1%
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brush (876)
The angled brush end is short & stiff enough for that perfect brow product application.
perfect (181)
The angled brush is really stiff which makes it perfect for precise lining.
great (162)
This is a great brush for the brows, no matter what medium of product!
love (160)
I love that this brush is doubled ended so I don't have to use two different items for my brows.
soft (151)
It's stiff enough to apply precisely and not lose its shape, but soft enough to glide.

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