Lean Machine

A spa-inspired body contouring system that combines a massager with a firming cream to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Achieve a smoother, sleeker-looking silhouette with this powerful duo inspired by the spa. The first power tool in the FatGirlSlim family, this vacuum massager pairs with a clinically proven ski cream to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and give legs, buttocks, and abs a more contoured look. This set contains: - Lean Machine - Power adaptor - 2 oz FatGirlSlim"„ This is not a weight- or fat-loss product. For best results, use these products in addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Research results: According to an 8-week consumer perception study using healthy females ages 35 to 64: - 58% of subjects noticed a decrease in the appearance of cellulite - 75% of subjects agreed their skin looked smoother - 94% of subjects agreed their skin felt smoother (via Sephora.com)

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