Cellutox Active Body Concentrate

Take a ‘firm’ stance on a orange-peel-afflicted extremities with this tang-tastic treatment. This luxe, cleansing body oil blends Seabuckthorn, Sea Fennel, and Juniper to help rid your body of tush-terrorizing toxins caused by diet, stress, or a ‘couch potato’ lifestyle. Whether you use it alone or to jumpstart a body detox program, this turbo-powered toxin-trashing trio of ingredients diminishes the appearance of a dimpled derriere and, because it’s punctuated with a shot of zesty, refreshing lemon, you get a much-needed kick right in the pants. (Hey, de-dimpling deftness don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that ‘zing’.) (via Blissworld.com)

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