Banana Spike Molding Putty

As scrumptious as a sundae, the Banana Spike molding putty is known for creating looks you'll crave like the Glop & Glam's Signature Spike and Famous Fauxhawk. Prepare to go bananas for it's messy-like hold, tutti-fruitti texture and "cherry on top" matte finish. WARNING: Although it easily washes out of hair, the "good enough to eat" scent can be extremely addicting. (2.7 oz) Dry/matte finish Good for style building Great for spiking hair, or a messy/piecey look All natural and organic hair collection No sulfates, alcohol or parabens Safe for sensitive skin - even babies Promotes healthy, hydrated hair Lightweight formula with no build-up Easy to use styling products that kids can call their own Naturally tear-free Easy comb-through - easier for kids to comb through their hair (via

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