Tan Maximiser

A formula combining special ingredients to actively stimulate the skin's natural melanin, escalating the rate at which you tan with a perfectly even color. James Read Tan Maximiser is formulated to speed up the natural tanning process and help develop deeper tones and a longer lasting tan. Special ingredients actively stimulate the skin's natural melanin to escalate the rate at which you tan but still allow you to achieve that perfect even color. Effective skin preparation and aftercare will further lengthen tan duration and help skin feel firm. The formulation incorporates hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, algae extract, and other moisturizing agents to help improve skin's texture. Unlike traditional formulas which use DHA, this maximiser uses an active botanical extract—monk's pepper combined with acetyl tyrosine—to extend the life of the tan. Great for use before, during, and after sun exposure, it helps maintain the perfect bronzed glow whether natural or faux. (via Sephora.com)

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