Bye Bye Hair! Facial Hair Reducing Serum & Facial Hair Removal Cream

An easy-to-use two-step system that effectively and gently removes facial hair instantly and prevents regrowth over time.This two-step system removes unwanted facial help while helping prevent future growth. With continued use, the need for facial hair removal is minimized as hair density and thickness significantly decrease from use of daily serum. This gentle, non-irritating proces works in as little as four minutes to instantly remove facial hair. Hyaluronic acid and allantoin help soothe and prevent irritation while protecting and hydrating skin. Soothing, moisturizing, daily leave-on serum with Capislow and vitamin E helps reduce the look of hair density and thickness over time as it improves smoothness and texture. This set contains:- 0.5 oz Bye Bye Hair! Facial Hair Removal Cream - 0.5 oz Bye Bye Hair! Facial Hair Reducing Serum (via

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