Firming Body Multi-Repair

A rich, five-in-one body cream that supports antiaging with the actives of a serum combined with deep hydration to reduce erase spots, smooth the skins texture, and help to detoxify skin. Radical Skincares Firming Body Multi-Repair is infused with skin brightening properties that help to reduce and prevent the look of dark spots for more youthful-looking skin. Powered by Trylacel technology, which contains a blend of coffee, tea, niacinamide, and vitamin C, it boosts the antioxidants that protect the skins appearance. Centella asiatica and asiaticoside are blended with other active ingredients to help drain toxins to strengthen collagen and elastin fibers reducing the look of cellulite and refining contours. Infused with seaweed extracts to prevent the appearance of dark spots, this cream improves brightness, while the blend of shea butter, macadamia, and desert date palm oils nourish and hydrate the skin to provide real comfort. (via

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