Sculpting Brush

This Sculpting Brush from Real Techniques is one powerful tool. Accentuate the features you love, change the shape and look of your face, or simply enhance your natural bone structure. With the use of light and dark makeup shades, this brush gives you the flexibility to transform your look for any occasion. Contouring: Using a slightly darker color from your foundation/skin tone, apply a small amount of product to your brush. Following the downward path of your cheekbone, apply product from the lower tip of your ear down towards your lip, stopping at the area that is even with the outer corner of your eye. Use this brush¿s larger head and bristles in circular motion to blend contouring product. After the first layer has been blended, you can apply more product to the area to create a more contoured look. You can also use this brush for contouring your jawbone and hairline as well. (via

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