Grindhouse Double Barrel Sharpener

This premium quality, dual-chambered sharpener is the ultimate accoutrement to your 24/7 Pencil collection (and a cool addition to your makeup bag).This multi-functional pencil sharpener is designed to work with the entire 24/7 family: a slimline hole for Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye and Lip Pencils, and a large hole for thick-barreled 24/7 Concealer. The sharpener also works with most other brands' big and small pencils.The Grind House sharpener goes through 11 steps before assembling the blade onto the sharpener body, resulting in phenomenal quality. Made of durable steel, the precision sharpener blade is infused with 1% carbon to prevent rust, and attached a transparent removable lid. Added bonus? Purple flourishes make it the prettiest sharpener, ever. (via

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