General Questions
How are the products in the popular and noteworthy lists curated / selected?
The lists found on our homepage are generated either by our site editors or by using traffic data.
How do I compare products?
Use the compare icon () to add a product to your compare list. Then view the compare page.
What if the product / brand I'm looking for isn't found on Flauntme?
We are constantly adding new products and brands into our database. If there is something specific you want us to add, please use our submission pages for products and brands.
Flauntme IQ & Ratings
What is Flauntme IQ?
Flauntme IQ is a composite review score to help you quickly identify the overall quality of a product. It consists of reviews from Flauntme Users and reviews from the retail sites in our database.
Why is Flauntme IQ better than average product rating?
The Flauntme IQ formula takes into account the quality of the reviews giving different weights to different reviews. Factors taken into consideration include the helpfulness of the reviews, the reputation of the reviewer, verified purchases and many others. Reviews deemed low in quality could be removed from IQ calculations altogether.
I rated a product incorrectly by accident, how can I change it?
At the moment there is no way to manually do this. However, you can open a support ticket and we can change your rating for you. In the support ticket, please include the product link as well as the new rating.
Product Finder
What is Product Finder?
Product Finder is our advanced product search tool allowing you to search for products by name, brand, category, IQ score, price, ingredient, shade, concern, retailer and more. This is available to all of our registered users.
What does sort by relevance mean and why is it the default sort option?
We use a relevance forumla to help provide a best guess as to what you may be looking for. The data used to determine relevance includes your viewing history on Flauntme and those of other users.
How do I search by color?
There are two ways to search by color using Product Finder. If you know the name of the shade you are trying to find, then type in the name of the shade in the Color field on the Advance tab. If instead you are looking for close or similiar color shades, then use the True Color tab to select a color either from the swatch provided or enter an RGB value.
What is the strictness field on the true color tab?
The strictness field lets us know how closely to match the swatches you chose. You can enter a number between 0 and 100 with 100 being extremely strict and 0 being not too strict. You will most likely not get any matches with too strict a search.
Beauty Assistant
What is Beauty Assistant?
Beauty Assistant is another Flauntme feature intended to help you quickly make buying decisions. It works like having your own personal assistant that remembers your beauty preferences. With those preferences, Beauty Assistant will give personalized yes/no recommendations with a detailed breakdown. Please note that Beauty Assistant is only available to Glam users.
How does Beauty Assistant work?
First you would fill out the Beauty Assistant questionnaire. The more completely you fill out the questions, the better the recommendations from Beauty Assistant. Then visit the product page of a product you are interested in and you will see a Beauty Assistant information box. Clicking on the link within the box will take you the detailed breakdown page.
Why doesn't Beauty Assistant show up for every product?
Most likely this is due to insufficent data about the product or your Beauty Assistant profile was incomplete. We usually update product information every 24 hours so please check the product page again later.
Glam Subscriptions
When will I be billed?
Your first billing will happen immediately on the date of your order. This date will serve as your anniversary. If for example, you chose a monthly plan and you placed an order on the 25th day of the month, you will be billed on the 25th of each month until you cancel. Quarterly plans are billed every third month. Yearly plans are billed once a year on your anniversary.
What is your cancellation policy?
Glam subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. You will continue to have access to Glam until the end of your billing cycle.
How do I cancel my subscription?
From your Account Settings page, click on Manage Subscription. Then click on Cancel Subscription and follow the instructions given.
Can I edit my subscription information?
Yes, simply go to your Account Settings page and click on Manage Subscription
Can I place my subscription on hold?
We do not have the option to put subscriptions on hold. If you have a monthly subscription plan, simply cancel and re-subscribe when ready.
Are Glam subscriptions refundable?
Glam subscriptions and gift subscriptions are nonrefundable.
How do I gift Flauntme Glam as a gift?
Gift subscriptions are bought via the same means as time cards. On the checkout page, be sure to include the email address or username you wish to send the gift too in the form provided.
How do gift subscriptions work?
Once a gift subscription is purchased and the order details confirmed, the recipient will get an email containing an activation link. From there, they simply have to click on the link to use their gift. Please note that users with recurring subscriptions are not able to use their gift subscription without first canceling their recurring billing.
Do gift subscription codes expire?
No, gift subscription codes never expire.
Verified Accounts
What types of professions can get verified?
Flauntme focuses exclusively on the beauty industry, thus any profession within the beauty industry can get a verified account. Some examples include makeup artists, dermatologists, publicists, brand managers, talents, stylists, agents, journalists, photographers and more. A current list can be found on the Account Verifiation Start Page.
How do I verify my brand?
We have a different feature for brand verifications. However, this feature has not yet been implemented. To be alerted when this feature will be ready, please fill out our brand contact and information page.
How do I verify my account?
Account verification is a three step process. Step 1 will ask you to fill out your personal and contact information. Step 2 is payment. Step 3 is uploading or linking to a document that demonstrates proof of identity. You do not have to complete all three steps during the same session. Your progress will be saved after each step.
How long is the verification process?
You can expect account verification to take 1-4 weeks depending on current volume. If additional info or documents are needed from you, responding in a timely manner will also help expedite the process.
What documents do I need to prove my identity?
It depends on the profession you are trying to verify. If you are a makeup artist, we suggest uploading a photo of your union card or linking to a self-hosted website. Talents can upload a photo of their driver's license, passport or birth certificate. Agents, brand managers and publicists can upload their company business cards provided that the card contains company phone numbers, office address and company email address. We also accept tax documents if it clearly shows your profession. More acceptable document types are listed on the proof step of the verification process. You will have the option to either link to your proof or upload a photo. Only Flauntme's research team members will have access to these documents. After our research process is completed we will delete or destroy all documents provided.
What are the fees associated with this service?
There is a one-time fee for account verification. This is a research fee to verify your identity. This will be the only fee associated with account verification for the life of your account. This fee is non-refundable.
How do I change my profession?
You can change your profession by opening a support ticket. Note that by doing this, you will have to restart the account verification process including repaying the research fee.
Can I have more than one profession?
At the moment you are only allowed one verified profession per account. This may change in the future depending on demand.
Is it possible to lose verification status?
Yes, if you violate our Terms of Use. You may also lose your verified status if you change important details about your account such as your username, real name, stage name and profession. Should you lose your verified status, you can re-apply at a later time.