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Find exactly what you want with Product Finder

Besides the usual product search by name, brand, category and ratings, you can easily search for any beauty product by:

Concerns, Ingredients, Fragrance Notes

Have blemish concerns? Allergic to certain ingredients? Looking for a fragrance with a particular note? Product Finder has you covered.

Color & Shade Variations

Find a shade of that new must-have blush that’s similar to your current favorite. Discover a dupe for a lipstick color that’s no longer available or a little easier on your wallet.


Search award-winning products, professionally-recommended products and more to be added!

Use Product Finder

Use Beauty Assistant for personalized recommendations

With so much information and so many reviews for every beauty product, it's time consuming to decide if a product is a fit. Let our Beauty Assistant do the work for you!

How to use Beauty Assistant

Simply fill out our easy Beauty Assistant Questionnaire. Every product page will then display a personalized yes/no recommendation along with a link to a more detailed summary.

Setup Beauty Assistant

Compare products easily with Flauntme IQ

We’ve done all of the research for you gathering user reviews from the most popular and trusted sources across the internet to create an easy-to-understand summary rating, called Flauntme IQ, for every beauty product.







Find the lowest prices

Who isn't into saving money? With our Lowest Price Scanning and Sales Alert features, you'll always be sure to get the best deals.

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