Dipbrow Pomade

Waterproof brow color ideal for sculpting, defining, and carving perfectly precise brows that won't fade. Smudge-free, creamy formula glides on skin and adheres to hair. Must-have for oily skin and humid climates. Tighten cap to prevent drying. Smooth application, waterpoof, smudge-proof, can be used as brow definer and as eye liner. (via Amazon.com)

Triathlon Proof by puginamug on May 23, 2019

HG Status! You could participate in a day-long triathlon in a super humid area and have the oiliest skin and your eyebrows will remain intact with the Dipbrow Pomade. It's that good! Application is pretty easy and if you have light eyebrows that are impossible to match with a natural looking eyebrow shade, the Dipbrow Pomade should have you covered.


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